New Season, Same 'Ol MAC

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New Season, Same 'Ol MAC

Post  M.A.C. on Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:59 pm

The corridor is shown on camera with ring crew and staff roaming

Cameraman #1: "Good job tonight everyone!"

Ring Personnel #1: "Yeah, this season let's work extra hard to get that new promotion ..."

Cameraman #1: "Why extra hard? I have a wife and kids to get home to you know."

Ring Personnel #2: "Because with every promotion, we get more money!"

They all start to laugh before the lights go out in the corridor

Cameraman #1: What the ...?

Loud banging noises and wails of pain can be heard in the silence before the lights come back on

???: "Heh, good thing they work outside the ring and not in it."

The janitor closet door opens, and out pops MAC wielding a baseball bat

M.A.C.: "You think I'm done with you don't 'ya big boy? I sat around as nobodies from all over the fed tried at your belt, but did I get a turn ... no! So, I'm going to say this one last time, Deisle, gimme my damn title shot!"

MAC swings at the camera and breaks it as the show goes off

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