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Dooms Day

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Superstar Name: Dooms Day
Nickname: "End Bringer"
Superstar Type: Balanced
Superstar Height: 6'10
Superstar Weight: 300
Superstar Age: 21
Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener
Superstar Attitude: No opponent is unbeatable, with time all will fall.


Entrance Song: A bell tolling with the sound of a storm in the background

Superstar's Style: High damage attacks, with some high flying

Superstar's History:
This mysterious monster of a man, stands at 6 ft 10 inches,
weighing in at around 300lbs, his ring attire is made from leather with thick straps
around his huge arms which show many scars from his shady past.

Dooms day has travelled the world training in many different styles and has learnt
to harness each of them to devestating effect, often suprising opponents in the ring with his endurance and sudden almost superhuman speed and strength.

This wrestlers rise to fame is inevitable as time and again he returns to face opponents
who may have beaten him in the past, leaving an indescriminate trail of destruction in
his wake as he grows stronger as each day passes.

Finishers from the game:

Purgatories Call (Pinning)
Dooms day Jumps wrapping around his opponent
and slams him on the mat executing a devastating Purgatories Call

Six Feet Under (Submission)
Dooms day contorts his opponent into position and signals to the crowd
sweeping his opponents legs away executing a devastating Six Feet Under

Sanguine Slam (Direct damage)
Dooms day grabs his opponent lifting them high into the air
then drops them face first leaving them bloodied and bruised executing a devastating Sanguine Slam

Call of Doom
Dooms day Indicates To The Crowd The Match Is Nearly Over executing The Call Of Doom

Dark Summoning
Dooms day Rolls His Eyes Back And Raises His Hands To The Crowd executing A Dark Summoning

Catch Phrase:
"Your time has come!"

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