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Role-Play Guide

Post  Big Buzzman on Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:35 pm

This guide was created by Mongo, first edited by Uncle Sam, then by Black Spirit and now edited by me.

The goal of every member in LHW should be to help this roster in it's quest of becoming the best in The Wrestling Game. One tool to accomplish this is having cool Role-Play (RP from now on). This helps the creative staff to develop solid story lines, and most importantly it helps us all have fun. So here is some info on RPing properly and respectfully.


God-Moding happens when you take control of others. There are only three times this is acceptable:

1) You are the GM or working under the GM's orders.
2) You have specific permission from the person you are god-moding.
3) Partnerships. If you are a part of a team or a faction you may do basic controls such as having them to accompany you. Try not to speak for them, or have them performing complex actions such as attacking, or requesting matches.


If you are RPing, respect the characters of those you RP with. Example:

// Wrestler watches GM walking through the Corridor. GM argues with the fans and threatens a couple of them.

There are two major issues here:
1) The Wrestler was God-Moding, by controlling the GM.
2) He was completely misusing the GM. The GM is neutral and wants the best for the fans and the show, so you'd never see him acting that way.

Good Example about the same scenario:

// Wrestler watches GM as he makes his way through the Corridor. GM salutes the fans and signs some autographs.

Here the Wrestler avoided controlling my actions and kept it general. He stuck with the fact I'm a GM and that's what I might do in that situation.


Yes, it looks nice on TV; some guy is walking through a corridor and then BANG! He gets nailed with a chairshot. Well, I won't tolerate this kind of physical attack in RPs because when everybody tries it, it becomes annoying as hell. Save the fight for the ring.

If you want to feud with someone you can use a lot ways without attacking his character or insulting him in an improper way. Example of a good way to get in troubles:


// Wrestler #1 enters the Wrestler #2's Lounge. He sits on the bar and asks for a beer. Wrestler #2 hands the beer himself since all of the bartenders are busy. After sipping a little, Wrestler #1 yells:

Wrestler #1: What kind of place is this? I came for a drink and hot girls and all I get is this hot as hell beer and a bartender that looks like Gorilla Monsoon.

This is enough to get Wrestler #2's attention, have a response from him and start some kind of feud. Both superstars could start verbally attacking each other without fighting.


Horrible RP:

Wrestler gets into GM's office.
I want to fight for the title!

Same RP with a little more of effort:

* Wrestler can be seen walking toward GM's office. He looks angry since he was screwed in his last match. The office's door is open, so he gets inside.

* The GM is standing in front of his desk, taking a look at some papers.

Wrestler: Did you see what those punks did to me? I want payback! I want my title back! Next week, that good for nothing PROM and me. One on one. And if he wants to bring his lackeys with him, I will make paté out of each and everyone!!!

* The GM is surprised after hearing this. He's ready to speak.

OoC: I talked to PROM and he wants this match too.

The first RP is short and lacks any real interest. It's in one word: BORING. Don't expect that to be included in the show. Now, the second one looks more interesting. It reflects the character's mood in that moment and gives some storyline to it. It also helps everyone to understand the character's attitude.

Things that can help make solid RPs:

- Gimmick. A solid gimmick for your wrestler gives you a guide for RPs. The GM is neutral but stands against what is wrong. That means you won't see him making unfair decisions.

- Spelling and writing skills. Try to do your best with this. Use punctuation, and space things out a bit for easier reading.

- Added Elements. LHW has a lot of environments, two announcers and one interviewer. You can use them, also respecting their characters (Another thread will be posted introducing the rest of the staff). You can use valets or managers too.

- Length. Sometimes a short RP is ok. Just make it quality.

- Color Coding. As in the RP above create a scheme to denote parts of you RP. In the example above, I used asterisks (*) for the 3rd person description and another specific color for the Wrestler's words.

- Work together. Sometimes communicating with who you are RPing with you can set the full scenario so you can both RP appropriately. "OoC" is used when you want to add a note "Out of Character".


Who is your character? What are his goals? How is he dressed? Is he a heel or face?

By knowing these things you can build stronger RPs suited to your character. Here are some tips to building a strong RP character.

- Know the basics. Looks, heel or face, behaviors, where they are from all help you to decide how that person will deal with situations.

- Create unique mannerism. The GM is strong but may have a strange sense of humor, so you might see him joking sometimes.

- Deepen your character with additional elements. Create a valet or manager that suits your character and use them in your RP. Find ways to set up the scenes you want.

Now a quick note:

If you do not speak English as a first language then ask for help here. I am sure one of us would be willing to help, especially me. Send the person your RP and we can help work out any issues.

The following is an appendix added by Uncle Sam:

Tolerance for Others
Many of the players on TWG do not speak English with the same proficiency as others on here. This is not their fault. They should not be blamed for their inability to speak English as though it was their first language. It can be difficult to understand posts sometimes, and I have seen posts that I have had no chance of understanding. Writing is the only form of communication on here, and sometimes we forget to be tolerant of those who are trying their best to communicate in a language that is foreign to them.

To all of the players whose first language is English, try and put yourselves in their shoes. Imagine you are playing a game, and it is in Italian, or Spanish, or German, or French, or whatever other language you want. Just imagine it is a game that is in a language you do not know very well, or at all. Now, imagine how you would feel if you were being insulted or looked down upon because you didn't understand their language proficiently. I bet you wouldn't feel good, or welcome there. And likely, you would quit. Let's not make this harder for those who are battling the language barrier.

Broken English is one thing, but for those of you whose first language is English, this part is for your writing. Let's see a little stronger effort in here. Try not to use sarcasm in your posts, as a person trying to decipher English, the hardest language on the planet to learn, will not catch it, unless you put at the end "*sarcastic tone*", or simply write "in a sarcastic tone" in your RP. Also, try to use complete sentences, and some proper punctuation. I'm not saying everyone must try to be English majors, but at least make the conversations as clear and easy to read for both the non-English speaking players, and even the English speaking players. When we use your RP for shows, it saves a great deal of time if we do not have to edit everything to be readable. No SMS language, such as "l8r" for "later", or "r u" for "are you". This could cause your RP to not be used.

Do your best, and don't let this appendix to the RP guide scare you from participating or creating RPs. This federation depends on you for material that suits your character. We do not know what your character is all about, even if you give us a description, we do not know the manner in which your character will handle himself, or the wording they will use. The language will be cleaned up for the shows (I do not mean swearing, I mean editing), so feel free to write to the best of your ability.
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Re: Role-Play Guide

Post  The Shadow Ninja on Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:25 am

would you mind if i edited this from things i learned from my old fed its very simple just bold important things as in place,name,& events also to italicize the sentences that say something is happening or the person is doing something heres a example

*???? walks into the room and says*

????:Whats going on here.

thats just a short example just inputting things i have learned from a fed that was international doing these things attracts attention is what i was told.

also the B is bold click it once type then click again the I beside it is italic you do the same thing for this and color is the colors in between AA and A beside others on the tags also its best not to cuss in shows because it is very unprofessional just trying to help guys and hope i enjoy it here and hope you liked the tips and BB if this is not allowed you can take it off this forum just wanted to say my input thanks later.
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