Tired Of The Short End (Show 2)

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Tired Of The Short End (Show 2)

Post  Ice Cold Thug on Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:42 am

CEO Destro comes down to the ring alone with an angry look on his face
CEO: You wanna ask me how the holidays were for me? They were hell cause I got robbed now once, or twice... but three times last season.
CEO Destro walks to the edge of the ring closest to the ropes facing the entance ramp
CEO: So enough of the losing... I turn it around tonight and I want a singles match right now! So Buzzman send somebody out right now cause I will earn a victory... Saint Joey is busy in his own title race so im gonna take this one on my own.
CEO Destro takes off his shirt and gets pumped up for whoever is about to come out

(OOC: Ok Buzzman I would prefer if my opponent could be either Tobiman, Gildartz, K-Ness, Gregory House, or The Unforgiving)
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