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Post  Mezzanotte on Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:02 pm

Big Buzzman is sitting behind his desk as Joe "Kick Your Ass" and the King of the Hell Champion, Mezzanotte Marauder are escorted into his office.

Big Buzzman: "Gentlemen, the match you two had at the last PPV was amazing. I have received all kinds of letters, email, phones calls and tweets begging for a rematch. Joe, I already spoke with you and you have said that you want to use the automatic rematch clause in the initial contract. Mezza, you agreed that a rematch is deserved and that it should happen here tonight! I just have one issue. The last match almost got out of hand, I don't want to have any controversies. I want a solid clean match. No intimidating the referees. No run ins with your rumored new stable champ. I want a tap out, I want a one two three. Period! So this is what will happen. I have 10 names listed here. I want you each to check off three names that you would agree to having as a special referee for tonight's match. If you guys agree on any of the names, that will be the ref. If you don't happen to agree then you might just see me in the ring with you!"

Big Buzzman passes the papers out to the two stars, who look them over, then pass them back. Each is eyeing the other, trying to figure out the other would prefer to have.

Big Buzzman: "Well that worked out great. You both happened to select the same name for one of your three choices. It's official, the special referee will be.... announced at the beginning of your match! However I noticed neither of you two selected me as a choice. Hmmm afraid of something? Well go on and get out, your match is later tonight!"

After the two wrestlers left his office, Big Buzzman picks up his phone. "Yes, get Saint Joey and bring him to my office!"


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