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Post  K-Ness on Thu Sep 17, 2009 6:12 am

Superstar Name: K-Ness
Nickname: "The Blue Dragon"
Superstar Type: Tech
Superstar Height: 5'8
Superstar Weight: 170
Superstar Age: 23
Face/Heel/Tweener: Face
Superstar Attitude:

Picture: Sorry for the size cant find anything better

Entrance Song:

Superstar's Style: Rey Mysterio with Ultimo Dragon and Kamikaze style in there

Superstar's History: K-Ness was born in Nerima, Japan and when he first watched wrestling he loved it he went to every show he could and when tv came and he found out wrestling was on tv wrestling was on the tv whenever it was on. When he turned 14 he relized it was what he wanted to do so he found a local place and started trianing. At the age of 17 he had his first match which he won and the crowds reaction to him was great. And at the age of 18 he met his 4 year tag partner K-M. The 2 won 50 tag titles. The team recently split due to a carrear ending injury to K-M during a tag titles match. His neck got screwed up so much by a 3-D he was put in the hospital and was told he could never wrestle again which K-M was about to retire so it wasnt to heart breaking for him. K-Ness hasnt had a tag match since then. K-Ness found his way into several local federations for a couple of weeks, but hopes to stay with [LHW] Hells Portal.[code]


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