4th Show - 2010/01/10 - [LHW] Haunted Heaven

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4th Show - 2010/01/10 - [LHW] Haunted Heaven

Post  Big Buzzman on Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:52 pm

Match Card for 'Haunted Heaven' (2010-01-10)

eXtreme Demons Championship
M.A.C. vs. Loguns (c)

Haunted Championship
Big Daddy Cool Deisle vs. Dooms day (c)

#1 Contender for King of the Hell Championship
Joe 'Kick your Ass' vs. Big Buzzman

#1 Contender for eXtreme Demons Championship
Bodders vs. Garchamp

Debut Match
Wile E Coyote vs. steveodark

other Matches
Gildartz vs. Gregory House
UnderYaxs vs. Marc Müller
Gaterr vs. Black Panfa
msm vs. Jeff Chelios
Mr.TL vs. Maedhros
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