Steveodark's 1st LHW RP

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Steveodark's 1st LHW RP

Post  Steveodark on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:55 pm

show starts And steveodark is at the ramp to kick the show off

Steveodark starts walking to the ring with a microphone in 1 hand

Steveodark starts talking

Steveodark: It My Debut and yet I have to share it with these none talented People Who Don't Deserve to See Anything but a fist in there face!

Fans Start Booing Steveodark

Steveodark: yeh thats right boo me for all I care I'm living my dream unlike you Slobs

Fans Start Chanting SteveoSucks over & over

Steveodark: AND tonight I get to fight Wile E Coyote

Fans cheer when they here Wile E Coyote

Tonight Im going to fight someone who has at 8 percent chance of winning while I only have a 2 percent of winning

Steveo has a smerk on his face before he talks again

Steveodark But thats All I need to defeat someone like him!

Fans Boo Even Louder!

Steveodark: BUT thats not till later tonight, so till then I'll see all of you loosers Later!

Steveodark throws his microphone on the ground and heads to the back

Fans Chant You Suck as he walks back

camera's fade to black showing steveodark walkingto the back

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