uncalled for attack

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uncalled for attack

Post  Deisle on Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:26 am

Deisle and Shootingstar sit together in the eWo lockerroom talking about whatever.Deisle wraps up his right knee that is still abit injured from M.A.C. s baseball bat shot to it from a few weeks ago.As Deisle finishes up by taping his wrist Star stands and goes to the door.

Star:Hey big bro,I'm going to get something from the drink machine.Do you want anything?

Deisle:Just a Dew brother,Thanks.

Time goes by and Star doesn't return.Finally the door burst open.

Deisle:What happen brother?Did you get lost on the way back?

Deisle turns andsees not Star,But one of the back stage workers.

]b]Worker:[/b]Deisle you should come and see this.ShootingStar was attacked and i think he's being taken to the ER.

Deisle jumps up and runs out the door to where Star is being loaded onto a stretcher.He's bloody and beaten.

Deisle:What happened Brother?Who did this to you man?

Star:Dooms day jumped me from out of nowhere.He beat me down than pushed the machine over onto my arm.The medics think it's broke.I being taken out of here to the ER to have in set and casted.

Deisle:You guys take care of him,Star hang in there brother.I got to go and take care of something.

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