8th Show - 2010/01/24 - [LHW] Rumble in the Hell

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8th Show - 2010/01/24 - [LHW] Rumble in the Hell

Post  Big Buzzman on Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:06 pm

Match Card for the PPV 'Rumble in the Hell' (2010-01-24)

eXtreme Demons Championship [Submission Match]
Garchamp vs. Loguns (c)

King of the Hell Championship [Ladder Match]
Big Buzzman vs. Mezzanotte Marauder (c)

Haunted Championship
Dooms day vs. Big Daddy Cool Deisle (c)

Underworld Championship [Steel Cage Match]
Natsu vs. Captain M (c)

#1 Contender Match for the eXtreme Demons Championship
Bodders vs. zabuza

other Matches
Beerkilla vs. MRCOOL
ShootingStar vs. Saint Joey
Mr.TL vs. Joe "Kick your Ass"
The Shadow Ninja vs. The Mythological Phoenix
Black Panfa vs. Panda
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