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Post  Jeff Chelios on Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:46 pm

The loud sound of a big vehicle can be heard. After a few minutes The sound gets louder and a huge, desert camouflaged Hummer H1 stops in front of the security gate. The motor hums, as the security guard steps towards the drivers window. He knocks against it and the yet unknown driver opened it.

Security Guard: Hey "Mr." could you please stop your engine i can't even understand myself.

Unknown Driver: Calm down "Mr."

He stops the engine.

Security Guard: Okay since we solved this problem you could start to tell me what are you doing here? Are you a new Wrestler or are you just a punk who wants to show what a big deal you are?

The two colleagues of the Security Guy started to laugh.

Unknown Driver: My name is Jeff Chelios and I am one of the new Superstars of Living Hell Wrestling. So would you please leave me in?

He pronounced the word "please" very strict.

Security Guard: Well, I think that you are not a new wrestler of this federation, but I'll check it.

After a few minutes he came back from his office.

Security Guard: I'm sorry but you are not on my list. I have to ask you to go!

Chelios jumps out of his Hummer

Jeff Chelios: I'm sure that you don't want to discuss this little incident with your chief executive, right? So you better let me in.

The two Security Guards in the office stopped laughing and joined his colleague as they thought that something could happen.

Security Guy: No! You are not allowed to enter. And now leave this place!

Chelios stared at the three guys and nodded. He turned around entered his Hummer, started the engine and drove away. After five minutes of silence, the sound of the huge engine of the Hummer and the squeaking of tires can be heard. Suddenly Chelios drove along the street towards the security gate while he accellerated more and more. The sound of the breaking gate can be heard all over the place. After he had stopped the Hummer at his parking position Chelios was heading for Big Buzzmans office.
2 minutes later, the security guard also entered the entrance to follow him.
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