during the show on 1 20

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during the show on 1 20

Post  Deisle on Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:07 am

A limo pulls in and a camra guy runs over to see who has pulled into the lot.The driver gets out and walks down the door opening it.Out steps the 7 foot Haunted champion dressed in a suit and tie.The Haunted championship belt over his shoulder.After him steps ShootingStar,His arm still in a heavy brace following the attack by Dooms day.Behind him ,still in the limo can be heard a laugh that seemed errie and that rolled on for abit.Inside came a voice.

???????:Remember Brothers if you guys need any let me know....I know people who reallly know how to hurt people.....(chuckle)

Deisle:Yeah ...Us brother

This causes the person in the limo to bust out in another round of loud laughter.

??????:true enough Big D,I'll be back after your show and we'll all go hit the town and paint it.....white and green ...my faverate color (laugher) Remember to but a smile on their faces boys...

Laughter rools from the limo as the driver closes the door and it drives off as Deisle and Star make their way into the building

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