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Post  Deisle on Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:23 am

The hard rock music of the eWo Comes over the PA.Out onto the stage walk Deisle and ShootingStar.They both make their way to the ring.Deisle steps over the top rope as Star slides under the bottom and leap to his feet.Deisle walks to the side of the ring and reachs down to get the mic from Amy.

Deisle:Star and i are out here now it give out alittle info.As everyone knows,A couple of weeks ago Dooms day attacked Star and busted up his arm badly.Now I beat his punk a$$ down that same night and not only did I get i bit of pay back by beating him that night.I also took from him the Haunted Championship.He than got his title rematch and I run him over again.But you see,Star and I aren't finished with him yet.He gets another chance to get a shot at getting the Haunted Championship.Than he and I go at it once again and I think My brother might want to add something.

ShootingStar:Dooms day,I'm going to show you what happenes when you attack me like a coward.At Rumble in Hell.Big Daddy and I have a nice little surprise for you.A surprise that only the eWo could give out.

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