Ice Cold Thug (Final Career)

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Ice Cold Thug (Final Career)

Post  Ice Cold Thug on Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:20 am

Superstar Name: Ice Cold Thug
Nickname: The Great One
Segment: Sub Zero Freezer
Superstar Type: Resistance
Superstar Height: 6'3
Superstar Weight: 250
Superstar Age: 30
Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener
Superstar Status: Retired (Manager)
Entrance Song: Never Scared by Bonebrusher
Superstar's Style: Powerhouse and slams

Career Merits: YGWF Tag Champion, YGWF Tag Team Award, YGWF Heel Award, YGWF Best Champion Award, HLW Dark-Asylum Champion, HLW I-GM

Superstar's Federation History:

EBW: Started off managing his brother Tkellionaire as he joined his first ever federation dominated by eWo (Buzzman, Shootingstar, Deisle, Bad Pie Guy, Destined Dragon, Black Panfa). Tkellionaire teamed up with partner Jamie Combs to challenge the eWo and ended up brining the whole place down. Jamie Combs is still Tkellionaires tag partner almost a year later.

YGWF: When EBW and eWo went down... they found a new home and although Tkellionaire never signed... Ice Cold Thug was determined to start a strong career.

He battled for season with his powerful parter (Dew) and held tag team championships early on, all the way to the day YGWF ended. Ice Cold Thug now has his title belt on the wall forever as well as his retired partner.

Retirement: After the federation ended... Ice Cold Thug decided to give up wrestling and to take up managing his brother as he did for two season in the intercontinental BLWF.

HLW: Bad Pie Guy started up a new place and gave Ice Cold Thug and offer he couldnt decline. Ice Cold Thug was the Interum General Manager for HLW for three seasons before deciding he didnt have what it took anymore and to go back into retirement for good.

2nd Retirement: This time the job was sealed and hes passed on the ski mask to younger brother Tkellionaire who he is currently managing in NWA.

LHW Ties: Long time agent and friend CEO Destro fought a few seasons in LHW which is the third coming of the eWo. Ice Cold Thug has taken a spot on the commitee but is only along for the ride.
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