Im back...

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Im back...

Post  Bad Pie Guy on Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:25 am

Two people are talking and standing in a parking space. Out of no were, a school bus comes and is speeding to that parking space. The two people run as fast they can out of there. The bus parks in the parking spot. it was next to a wall so the bus smashed into it on impact. The smashed bus opens its doors. Out comes a clown wearing a purple suit. he askes the camrea man to come closer

Clown: Hello fans...I'm back. Nhahahaha. Now last time you saw me, I was being champion over on Hardcore Lunatic Wrestling. Unfortunately, it got shut down. 3rd show to do that too. Anyways I heard that my ol friends Dielse and Buzzman found this place. Sooo....

He pulls out a gun

Clown: My name is the Bad Pie Guy, Nhahahahahahaha

He thne shoots the camera.
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