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Post  evan bourne on Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:48 am

Interviewer:Alright i am here joined By Garthur
Who was brutally beaten by Evan Bourne Earlier this week... Now Garthur
what exactly are your thoughts on this?

My Thoughts?? You want my Thoughts? Well my god damn thoughts are that
this Evan Is a loser! Just like I said only a loser would cheap shot

Evan bourne walks up behind Garthur.

Evan is just a guy who thinks he is better then everyone else here... I
bet he thinks he can even beat Steveodark... Well just a News flash
Evan you cant... The only reason you got me down is cuz i wasnt ready!

Evan: Are you ready now

Garthur turns arround as the lights go off...


The lights turn back on and The interviewer is lying on the ground

Garthur is no where in sight

Evan is still holding the chair and trying to find Garthur

Evan walks out into the parking lot trying to find him

A car Screeches loudly

A car is speeding toward Evan

Out of no where a Ferarri crashes into the driver side of Garthurs car Knocking him out

Someone gets out of the ferrari

???: Evan??

Evan: Yeah whats up

???: What are you doing here?

Evan: This is my new job... im just surprised to find you here steveo

Steveo: Yeah i know what you mean

Evan Smiles

Evan: So what do you say we team up next week?? For old times sake

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Re: show 2

Post  evan bourne on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:37 pm

Steveodark Smiles

Steveodark: Hell Yeah Evan, Lets do it but hold on a sec

Steveodark Drags Garthur out of his car & rolls him to his belly & grabs Garthur's wallet

Steveodark: He damaged my ferarri, so im collecting what he owes me

Evans Laugh

Evan: hey wait a second

Evan's gets something out of the car

Its a can of orange and white paint

Evan: Lets do this right

Evan Paints a Big Orange E on Garthurs Car and hands Steveo the White paint

Steveo paints a Big D after the E

Steveodark: Welcome to the new evolution

Evan: The Era of Extreme

Steveodark: The Age of Everlasting Dominance

Evan then sprays the camera with Orange paint

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