Tag rivalry....that I think you can say(RP for after show 1)

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Tag rivalry....that I think you can say(RP for after show 1)

Post  Bad Pie Guy on Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:19 pm

Jeff Chelios walks into Buzzmans office

Jeff: wow man. Nice tag match with pie. Now that thats taken care of, total Overdose can....

Bad Pie guy walks in with a pie

Bad Pie Guy: Okay Buzzman, hey Jeff nice necklace, now we need to make a special entrance for when we get the tag titles. now my idea is....

Jeff: Wow, hold on pie. Total Overdose is going for those titles.

Bad Pie Guy: um, sorry little jeffy but um Actualy Pie Buzzterz, former tag champs I may add, are going for yet another championsip.

Jeff: No,....Total OverDose, former tag team champions, are going for those tag team titles.

Buzzman: hey guys come on ca..

Pie and Jeff: Stay out of it Buzzman

Pie guy: Now Jeff, Pie Buzzters has revoltionized this company in just one night. It totaly changed YGWF too.

Jeff: Did you forget EBW Pie, Total OverDose with eWo ran the place while you where bearly holding that singles title of yours. And

Bad Pie Guy: Nhahahahahahahahahaha

Jeff: Whats so funny clown?

Bad Pie Guy: Why so Serious Jeff. tell you what, lets put a smile on that face. You...me...one-on-one. The winner will challendge for those tag titles.

Buzzman: really guys come on

Jeff: Sounds could to me Clown. But when I win, you should go single title shoping.

Jeff Leaves

Bad Pie Guy: oh Jeff, lving in your on little world. Hey Buzzman can you make that match exterme rules..Nhahahahahahahahaha Thanks.

Bad Pie Guy leaves

Buzzman sits there
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