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warm up.

Post  Deisle on Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:16 pm

The hard rock music of the eWo comes over the PA.Out onto the stage walk the 7 foot eXtreme Demons Champion with the title around his waist and carrying the Haunted Championship in hand.
He smiles and laughs holding the Haunted title for all to see.He walks to the ring steping over the top rope.He standins in the center of the ring with all the spot lights on him.He raise his right arm in the ar making the eWo hand symbol as pyro blast from the turnbuckles.The pryo dies and Big Daddy walk to the the ropes and gets a mic.

Deisle:Alright time to get down to bussness.Some of you in the back and in the cowrd may be wondering why it is that i still have the Haunted belt when Buzzman made the title vacant with me going back into the Kings side of the roster.Well it's simple,I never lost this Championship so until Buzzman gets finished setting the matchs to see who the new Haunted Champion will be I'm going to hold onto the belt.I've even hand the belt over to the new champion myself when they win.Now tonight this is what i had in mind.We have Pie and Jeff fighting to be parteners with Buzz and go for the tag titles that we've never got around to giving to anyone here in LHW.That got myself and my little Brother Star thinking.He and I are also former tag team title holders and maybe it's been to long since we wore any gold together.So tonight,Star and I have a warm up match.We're going to face the man i beat for the eXtreme Demons championship and the man that has claimed in the past to be the best high flyer in the LHW,Zabuza.Cool Star is back in the running if we're going to have tag team champions.

Shooting Star by Air Traffic comes over the PA.ShootingStar walks out and to the ring noding his head at Deisle letting him know the the plan was ready.Big D smiles and remove his prematch vest and hands in and his two title belts over to a ring side worker.

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