McBane - submission specialist from Finland

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McBane - submission specialist from Finland

Post  Guest on Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:42 pm

Superstar Name: McBane
Superstar Type: Technique
Superstar Height: 5'8
Superstar Weight: 195
Superstar Age: 19
Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener
Superstar Attitude: Self proclaimed greatest submission wrestler of all time.

Entrance Song:
Superstar Style: Kurt Angle style (wrestling and submission based moves)

Superstar History:

McBane is a finnish submission specialist who at young age showed excessive talent
for wrestling and submission moves, his main skill is to make his opponent submit at all


Infernal Leglock (Submission finisher)

McBane trips opponent to the ground and locks his own feet with opponents feet
and twists his ankle causing excrutiating pain executing a devastating Infernal Leglock

McBanehold (Submission finisher)

McBane grabs the head of opponent and takes it into a hold
and then gets his feet locked around opponents waist in scissorlock and applies the pressure executing a devastating Mcbanelock



McBane Signals With His Hands That It's Mcbanetimeee executing The Mcbanetime


"And i'l show you new meaning for word: PAIN!"


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