SteveO Dark Wants Revenge!!!

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SteveO Dark Wants Revenge!!!

Post  Steveodark on Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:05 am

Steveodark Barges into Big BUzzman's Office

Steveodark: Big Buzzman I want a Casket match against the guy who cost me my match Awesome Resistane Guy

Big Buzzman: 1st off I'm not going to grant that match cause I got other plans for you tonight in a no DQ tag match you & Evan "air" Bourne against Garthur & Awesome Resistence Guy

Steveodark: oh yeh & whats that?

Big Buzzman: If you & evan can defeat you're opponents tonight You'll get you Casket Match And Evan Gets His Ultamite Submission Match but if you both loose...

Steveodark: if we loose what?

Big Buzzman: you will be put in a Last Man Standing Match & Evan well be put in a 1st Blood Match!

Steveodark just grins

Steveodark: I can defeat both of them by myself If I wanted

Big Buzzman: if you're that confident then how about next week you will face both Garthur & Awesome Resistance Guy in a handi cap match & if Evan interferes in the match neither of you will have you're match!

Steveodark: You got you're self a deal!

Steveo drops money on Buzzman's Desk

Big Buzzman: Whats this for?

Steveodark: A new door.

Big Buzzman: but my door is fine

Steveo rips the door off & throws it out in the hall way

Steveodark: not anymore & this is whats going to happen to my apponents next week!

Camera's Fade to black as steveodark walks out to the hall way.

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Re: SteveO Dark Wants Revenge!!!

Post  evan bourne on Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:22 pm

Evan sees Steveo going crazy

Evan walks through the empty door frame into Big Buzzmans office

Evan: Hey man Here is an idea! make that match a tag match without tellin anyone Just a secret between me and you... What do ya say?

Big Buzzman: Why the hell would i do that when he just busted me god Damn door.

Big Buzzman is angered by the thought of Steveo coming back

Big Buzzman: Well you know what... If Steveo and you want a tag match so bad how bout it then...

Evan: Alright sweet!

Big Buzzman: yes it will be Evan Bourne & Steveodark vs. Big Buzzman

Evan: Wait what! are you kidding me? that is no chance match...

Big Buzzman: i know there is no way i can lose

Evan: no i mean there is no chance of you living through it

Big Buzzman starts to say something but then Evan flips his desk over

Big buzzman lets out a grunt and under his breath says: Bourne you mine!

Evan walks backwards and laughs as he leaves the room

The camera zooms in on big buzzman then fades to black

evan bourne

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