PPV eXtreme Demons championship.

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PPV eXtreme Demons championship.

Post  Deisle on Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:59 am

The D blues comes over the PA following the semi horn.Out walks the 7 Foot Extreme Demons champion.He raises his arms in the air making the eWo sign with his hands.He's gets back a mix of cheers and boos.He walks to the ring and steps over the top rope and signs to cut the music.

Deisle:Tonight,Loguns gets his rematch with me for the eXtreme Demons championship.

Part of the cowrd cheers for Loguns

Deisle:Now all of you know that big Daddy is just..tooo ...swwweeettt...I'm the first,the most domenate,the best looking eXtreme Demons champion.I have news about the PPV coming up next week.The winner of the match between myself and Loguns tonight will face........Zabuza....

The cowrd erups knowing the Zabuza has been trying season the federateion opened to get a title shot.

Deisle:So after I run though Loguns again.....Zabuza...good luck cause you'll need it.I got a feel for your style in the tag match abit ago and you know...the cowrd knows....and everyone in the back knows.You may be quick punk but it won't save you.You gotten your wish for a title shot and now you get to regrat it cause boy I will break you.

The eWo fans in the arenea start "Deisle,Deisle ,Deisle,Deisle"

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