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Post  blue dragon on Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:02 am

The Lights around the area are flashing Blue and Gray... some remember some dont.. ITS THE RETURN OF BLUE DRAGON! Machine guns are shot! Sparks fly and here comes the Blue Bullet and the Ghetto Flyer BLLLUUEEE DRRAAGGGONNN!!!!!
Crowd erupts and Blue stands at the top of the ramps, shows his westcoast pride then jumps and pryros are shot of into every direction. Blue is pumping everyone up and he takes off his bandana, and wraps it around the mic and says," HITMAKER PRIDE BABY! Crowd is screaming BEAST MODE.. Blue speaks up" Beast Mode, oh Mateo Mysterio, sorry guys my brother is gone, I left YGWF because of him. He got me a job in MAW but he was shot recently. I wanted to come back here to relive my memories and to make them greater. I am now so powerful I control several wrestlers in my hands. I am apart of an Army. I am here to recruit and to work in this show. You see, my goal is to prove that I will be your champion and have a longer reign than I did last time. My goal is to grab my old friends and build up a league. " Crowd likes the ideas of their hero and Blue has one more thing to say," I have been a champion everywhere. Wrestlers fear me. Now want to join me come out here and join the WestCoast Hitmaker brotherhood.

OOC first respond in feud talk and this should be fun =)
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