K-Ness arrives

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K-Ness arrives

Post  K-Ness on Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:26 am

*the camera sees Jessica Scott with a mic in the parking lot*

Jessica Scott: I've gotten word that theres a big japanese indy wrestling legend joining the roster today.

*the camera sees someone pull up in a blue ferrari*

Jessica Scott: This could be him.

*they go up to the ferrari and the man that got out of it and it turns out to be K-Ness*

Jessica Scott: O my god its K-Ness. Hello K-Ness can we get a word from you?

*K-Ness looks*

K-Ness: Konbanwa

Jessica Scott: Are you the japanese indy legend joining us?

K-Ness (in a very japanese accent): Yes I am.

Jessica Scott: O my god thats amazing well I'm gonna let you get going.

K-Ness: Sayonara
*K-Ness takes his bag and leaves for the locker room*


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