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Post  Ice Cold Thug on Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:10 pm

Wrestler Name: Danger Thor
Ring Name: CEO Destro
Nickname: Domination

Class: Speed
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180lbs
Age: 25

Alignment: Tweener
Attitude: Serious
Entrance Song: American Badass
Style: Dodges alot and doesnt bleed for anything

Finishers: DDT Slam, DDT Pin, Thundering Hurricanrana
Taunts: Its Strictly Buisness, King of the Sky
Catch Phrase: Im the Badass with class

History: Born to be left alone he was taken into foster care. Growing up with many siblings he was the smallest. Therefore fighting was something he needed to pick up quick. He was never given a name so after taking up his role as the badass he picked up the name Danger. His power and determination scored him as Thor.

He began training and early he already had all of the core skills. Now training with some of the best mu-tai and high flying masters in MMA, Wrestling, and Boxing he found a way to sucess.

He debuted as a cage fighter in MMA but after getting knocked out he took it upon himself to take up wrestling. So he signed with Johnny Martin and fought 2 seasons in IIW but got nowhere and then he decided to leave his fighting career.

After his resigning he opened up a small buisness that grew big. Becoming the CEO of the large Corperation he dropped the gloves and through on suites. As his bank grew large he recieved an unexpecting phone call from a buisness man himself. But it was a General Manager.

Holding on to his company he traveled over to Continental XFE where he had a small name. Then after a long awaited debut he crushed his opponent. The following week after winning his second match he announced that he would retire after a knee injury.

A month later the CEO of M.A.R.S (weaponry building base) acted in a 2009 film "GI Joe Rise of Cobra". Acting as Destro he then picked up the name and became famous for it. On cast he met one of the army actors known as Big Buzzman. He was offered a contract he couldnt turn down and has joined LHW!
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