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Tag Teams / Stables

Post  Big Buzzman on Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:03 pm


I would like you to tell us your tag teams and stables for the roster. You could also write requests here to find partners. I'll then add all teams to this post (and delete the replies, due to clarity).

Tag Teams

3D - Captain M vs. msm
Cool Star - Big Daddy Cool Deisle & ShootingStar
fast and technique - Gaterr & zabuza
Force Majeure Risk - Panda & UnderYaxs
Harbingers of Apocalypse - Dooms day & M.A.C.
M.A.R.S. - CEO Destro & Saint Joey
Resistance Guide - Herardino & Wile E Coyote
The Eliminators - Dronar & Mr.TL
Total Overdose - Big Buzzman & Jeff Chelios


eWo - Big Daddy Cool Deisle, Big Buzzman, Black Panfa, Jeff Chelios & ShootingStar, Panda,
Garchamp, UnderYaxs
HoA - Dooms day, MAC, Shadow Warrior, MRCOOL, Bodders, Wile E Coyote
Triple Threat? - CEO Destro, XeRo, Bubba, Saint Joey

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