The Janitor is getting ready

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The Janitor is getting ready

Post  The Janitor on Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:40 am

The Janitor is shown going back in forth in his locker room with a towel around his neck, while he is still wearing a Janitor uniform.

The Janitor: Gildartz, man you are in luck tonight cause you are in for some major mopping up, I am going to make you kiss my feet, Because well If you lose You have to kiss my Foot, and if you win, which there is a .00000001 chance that it will happen, i will have to kiss your foot.

Crowd Cheers at the stipulation

The Janitor: Just trying to spice things up you now, because these shoes I have worn for 15 Years!!!!

You can hear the crowd Gagging

The Janitor:And You dont Wont to Kiss These Babies, so make sure you actually put up a fight, otherwise you will be vomiting your way back to your house.

Crowd Cheers, and some stay digusted

The Janitor:So Let The Mopping Begin!!!!

Camera Fades

(OOC: can I do that stipulation because all you would have to do would be to edit the ending so he kisses my foot)
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