Garchamp's Interview

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Garchamp's Interview

Post  Garchamp on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:00 pm

Jessica Scott's, LHW's interviewer, face appears on the screen
"Hello Everyone ,I'm Jessica Scott,And I'm Here With Garchamp"
Garchamp Enters With A Distasteful Look On His Face
"So How Do You Feel About Your Lost To MAC On The First Match Of LHW"
As He Snatches THe Mic
"How Do You Think I Feel....."
"He Got Lucky,and He Feels That He Deserves A Title.....Horse crap"
Jessica With A Surprise Look On Her Face
"So What Do You Suggest?"
"Well I Have A Code Of Conduct That I Follow...To Your Surprise I Am A Fan Of Baseball"
Jessica Looks Puzzle
You Are That From Here But You Like Baseball?"
"Not Really...I Just Believe In THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT..And Lucky For MAC He Won One Match Against Me,If He Can Beat Me Again.."
Garchamp With A Smile On His Face
"Then I Would See Him As The Better Wrestler...But Until The He Is Still A PUNK To Me..."
"So You Want A Rematch?
Garchamp Nods
"Well Then MAC IT Seems That You Still Have Some Unfinished Business With Garchamp"
Garchamp Left Without Jessica Seeing Him
"How Do You Respond???"
"Where Did He Go???"
Cameara Fades


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