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Marc Müller

Post  Marc M on Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:07 pm

Superstar Name: Marc Müller
Nickname: "German Power"
Superstar Type: Submission
Superstar Height: 6'9
Superstar Weight: 290
Superstar Age: 22
Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel
Superstar Attitude: young german, who wins everything in his country so he will earn the worlds highest title.

Entrance Song: Hart attack

Superstar's Style: Power and Submission, like Jack Swagger

Superstar's History: Marc Müller is a german guy, who loves watch Bret Hard as child and wanted to be like him.He loves to make submission holds and brings his opponend to tap out.
He starts to Wrstle with 13 years and was the rising star in Germany.Because of his heigh he has a great power to improve the submissionsstrenghts.


German Slam:
Marc Müller stays in front of his opponend, he runs at him with a Spear knocks him down
then he pulls him up,lifting him in the air and let him fall on the matt executing a devastating German Slam.

Nightmare Of Hell:
Marc Müller knock him down on the matt and put his fingers in his opponend eyes
and make a horrible pressure in them executing a devastating Nightmare Of Hell

Choke Claw:
Marc Müller takes him in a two-handed Chokeslam and lifts him in the air
and hold him choking executing a devastating Choke Claw

The Excellence:
Marc Müller Makes His Arms Wide Open Like He Want To Said Look At Me An Embrassing Performens For His Opponend executing The Excellence.

Catch phrases:
I am the best in the world in what I do.
I am the one and only Marc Müller and noone can beat me.

Marc M

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