Interview with the Champ

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Interview with the Champ

Post  Deisle on Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:38 am

Jessica Scott's appears on the titon tron standing in front of the LHW logo.

Jessica:Hello everyone,next I'm here talking to the first ever eXtreme Demons Champion, Big Daddy Cool Deisle.

Deisle walks in from off stage wearing the eXtreme Demons belt around his waist.He stands next to Jessica putting his hands on his belt so it shows better on camra.

Jessica:First off Deisle let me congratlete you on being the first ever eXtreme Demons Champion.Can I get your thoughts on that?

Deisle:Well beautiful it's like this.Everywhere I go I win gold.I was the first Big Guns Champion in YGWF and i also held that title for longer than all the other champions held their title combie.Now Here I'm the eXtreme Demons Champion.Well baby that is just too sweet.

Jessica:Now i have to ask about the way you won the title.People have been saying how Yuo scewed Blue Dragon out of the title and that he should be the champion and not you.

Deisle chuckles abit.

Deisle:Look sweetheart,That punk didn't get scewed out of anything.He's just not that bright.He never was able to pin me.Jeff and I had it planed out.I'd lay their so Dragon would think he had me beat and than Jeff stop a count.I knew Dragon would try to yell at Jeff and when the fool did i rolled him up.He should be thanking me for what I did.

Jessica looks confused.

Jessica:That would be....?

Deisle:A Jackknife sweetheart,I could have just broken him in half like the last time I beat him.But I know buzzman needs all the wrestler on the roster able to wrestle so i spaired him.You see dear I ALWAYS have a plan>

[b]Jessica:[/b]Ok now can i get you reponds to M.A.C words about you earlier?He say you're the next one on his hit list and he wants your belt.

Deisle:You know I really don't care what he wants.He has the skills to win but not when it comes to me.I mean look at me,I'm the biggest guy around.No one here has my size and power.I'm not a brainless gaint that has only that size.I know how to wrestle.M.A.C. I heard what you said.I better bring me 'A' Game? Punk you better use your vice GM power to have ALL of the EMT's in the back ready to cart you out of here after i run you over.

Jessica:Thank you for the time Deisle.

[b]Deisle:[/b]Anytime beautiful.

Deisle kisses her hand and walks back off stage.

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