Unseen assailant

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Unseen assailant

Post  doomsday on Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:56 pm

The sound of heavy methodical footsteps echos as Doomsday stalks his way down the darkened corridor.

Suddenly alerted by the presence of another nearby he stops.

Doomsday sidesteps avoiding the large heavy object that lands on the floor.

Doomsday growls: I expected you would try something eventually. You would have thought
after our last encounter that you would want to avoid angering me. But it seems you need another lesson!

There is no reply from the mysterious assailant.

Doomsday: What, no witty retort? I'm disappointed!

Doomsday: You are obviously in a hurry to meet your end, I'll be waiting in the ring...

Pausing briefly Doomsday peers into the gloom.

Doomsday: You can't hide from me forever!

Doomsday laughs evilly and continues down the corridor, watched by unseen eyes from the shadows.

OOC: this is for the leadup to my match on Wednesday Very Happy

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