Beyond the Ropes with K-Ness

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Beyond the Ropes with K-Ness

Post  K-Ness on Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:58 am

*the camera cuts to Jessica and K-Ness sitting down in the studio*
Jessica: Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm Jessica Scott and I'm sitting down with K-Ness

K-Ness: Konbanwa

Jessica: First off what is going on with you and Ravenous?

K-Ness: Well Ravenous....hes a monster. He dosnt care who he fights or hurts he just wants to fight.

Jessica: Well you have a match with The Redneck coming up how do you think that will unfold.

K-Ness: I cannot tell you how it will unfold because I'm not even sure.

Jessica: Well I wish you the best of luck for that match. And who was K-M?

*K-Ness smiles and laughs*

K-Ness: Well he was a tag partner of mine and we were very sucessful. We had 80 tag team title reigns. But all of that came to an end one night.

Jessica: What happend?

K-Ness: We were defending our tag team titles when the other team 3-Ds him. Well they didnt do it right because they broke his neck. And then they did it again after they were told they won due to injury. Which just screwed up his neck even more. We went to the hospital I was in the ambulance with him. He was told he could never wrestle again. He can hardly walk now because of those 2 idiots. But I was told one month later that those 2 had carrear ending injuries and I was happy to hear it.

Jessica: Well thats quite a story. Well one more question. When will you get another match with Ravenous?

K-Ness: I hope soon.

Jessica: Well thats all the time we've got. K-Ness thank you for your time.

K-Ness: DŇćitashimashite

Jessica: Well time for another match

*camera shoots to the arena*


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