One loss but now time for gold

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One loss but now time for gold

Post  Bubba Williams on Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:30 pm

We open up in the locker room where we see Bubba Williams drinking a beer watching his match with Xero. He shuts off the monitor and finishes off his beer and grabs another one out of his cooler before looking at the camera.

Bubba:"Seems I lost my first match here in Living Hell but you know what it's awright. Because now it is time to move on. As it seems that I impressed Big Buzzman enough for him to put me in the tournament for the Underworld Championship. Well I don't plan on missing out on his opportunity especially since being a champion will mean more money for beer. So McBane I don't know much about you but lets face facts you don't know much about me with my first match in a recorded fed being last week. But none of that matters because all that matters is finding a way to move on in the tournament. And that is what I plan on doing no matter who I face."

With that Bubba finishes off his beer and grabs another as he turns back on the monitor but this time he is watching McBane's match from last week.
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